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303, Ashok terrace, 100 feet Road, 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560038

November 27. 2011.

Kund is in Indiranagar, tucked away from the hustling 100 feet road and still close to it. This punjabi cuisine restaurant was discovered by accident (I was searching for Dominos Pizza at the time) and since then, it’s been my comfort food place. No alcohol served here.

We visited here on a cloudy, rainy Sunday around 1:30 p.m. and it was nearly full. The place is always full on weekends, you might have to wait a good 15 minutes to reserve a table but I assure you, the food is worth the wait.  The ambiance is no-nonsense and the seating is actually set into one of the open sides of a building. You can see the inside of Dominos Pizza from this area (same building). There is no reserved parking area so you can leave your vehicle in the by-lanes near the restaurant.

On getting a corner table (no other option was available then), we were offered the food menu. I have never had a starter here (I always dive straight into mains) so we decided to go for a Chicken starter called ‘Akbari Kabab’.

Akbari Kabab

Akbari Kabab

The Akbari Kabab is a boneless grilled chicken dish served with onions, lemon wedge & mint chutney dip. The chicken was grilled well for the most part (except for 1 piece which seemed undercooked as it was chewy). Nothing remarkable, just one of those starters which would accompany a drink very well. We got around 8 small pieces which was fine for both of us. Bigger groups would probably need to order one more.

Starter done with, we headed for my favorite mains. Now this restaurant serves veg & non-veg food under ‘Starter’ & ‘Main course’ options. Confusing? Let me explain. The difference is – if you order a grilled fish as a starter, you’d get only that with a dip. Whereas the same grilled fish would arrive with dal makhani, grilled vegetables & roti/naan as a main course! So the above mentioned chicken starter is served as a main course as well.

Since I absolutely love fish (having a coastal region as my birthplace), I decided on the ‘White Prawn’ main course and hubby went for the ‘Mutton Hariyali Kabab’ main course. You get the option of having either 2 rotis or 2 naans with this course. Any extra roti/naan is charged separately.

White Prawn

White Prawn

The white Prawns were fresh & grilled very well. Quite yummy as well 🙂 The veggies were tender and the spices used do not overpower the taste of the vegetables which is a good thing.

The Dal Makhani is the best I’ve tasted in a long time. Most restaurants use dollops of butter but here they use fresh cream. So the result was a creamy thick gravy with no hint of salt. Perfect!!! The naans were soft and tasty and went along with the dish well.

Mutton Hariyali Kabab

Mutton Hariyali Kabab

Hubby had the Mutton Hariyali Kabab which he mentioned was quite good. It looked like it had been marinated in spinach paste. Since long, I’ve developed an aversion for mutton so no amount of cajoling could make me try a small piece. So I took his word for it 😀

With the main courses done and over with, we decided to skip the desserts. If you must know, they have just 2 on their menu – Gaajar Halwa & Dudhi Halwa. I’d rather go out and eat pastry than spend on something I can cook at home!

Overall, a good experience. The service was super attentive (but I would rather not be stared at throughout the meal, some privacy please?) and the weather complimentary! The meal costed close to 550 (Rs.) with all the taxes thrown in.

My rating:
Ambience: ***
Food: ****
Service: ***
Value for money: ****


Rating Guide: ***** (Excellent) **** (Good) *** (Average) ** (Bad) * (Avoid)

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One thought on “Kund – Indiranagar, Bangalore

  • R

    KUND without any doubt is one of the best places to eat… my personal faourites are the Achari Murg Tikka and the Murg Lasooni Kabab…. of course with the Dal Makhani and Baby Naans and the Butter Kulchas and the Jal Jeera… Cant stop a never ending list…
    Big time Value for Money