Dosa Stop – Jeevanbhimanagar, Bangalore

Dosa Stop

Dosa Stop

Jeevanbhima Nagar Main Road, N.A.L Quarter Gate, Bangalore – 75

November 20. 2011.

Dosa Stop. The name is self-explanatory! You have more than 10 varieties of dosa here – paneer dosa, rava dosa, wheat dosa, and so on.

The restaurant has been set into one of the row houses in Jeevanbhimanagar main road. So you have some outdoor seating area as well as the inside area (AC). Recently renovated, it now boasts of a cleaner & brighter space than earlier.

Dosa Stop Interior

Dosa Stop Interior

Since we did not have lunch at noon owing to the fact that we had been browsing the city for some home stuff, we landed up here for a late brunch (almost 4 p.m.)

Our usual order consists of Wheat Dosa & Vada Sambhar but we decided to go with Rava Masala Dosas & 2 cups of filter coffee. Since there was not much crowd at the time, we got the dosas pretty quickly. The dosas were huge, crisp with a good dollop of potato masala inside. And their trademark drumstick sambhar is to die for! I haven’t tasted such yummy sambhar in any other south indian eatery here. And it is served unlimited 🙂

Rava  Masala Dosa

Rava Masala Dosa

The speciality of the dosas here is the accompaniments – the various chutneys which are served unlimited! There’s a Coconut chutney, Mint Chili chutney & Tomato Tamarind chutney. Earlier they used to serve a Peanut Garlic chutney which was heavenly but there’s no trace of it in recent times.



The traditional south indian filter coffee was just as I had expected. Hot, foamy & served without sugar, thankfully. They provide you sugar separately in a small jar. The strong coffee was an instant mood lifter!

Overall, it’s always a quick and pleasant experience here. The self-service counter for the order is efficient & the servers are prompt & attentive.

The meal costed close to 200 (Rs.) A word for the budget-eater: all the dosas here are priced steep, the highest one here is close to 90 (Rs.) So if you are expecting the darshini kind of price, skip this place!

No booking required at anytime. I recommend sitting in the outer area (the inside is nice as well but the tables are set close and the TV is loud). Outdoor seating is spacious, open & you can watch the traffic go by 🙂

My rating:
Ambience: ***
Food: ****
Service: ***
Value for money: ****


Rating Guide: ***** (Excellent) **** (Good) *** (Average) ** (Bad) * (Avoid)

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