Cremé & Crust – Indiranagar, Bangalore

Cremé & Crust

Cremé & Crust

#57, 100 Ft Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560038

December 10. 2011.

Cremé & Crust is primarily a bakery & cake shop in Indiranagar, tucked away cozily next to the Hush Puppies store. It now boasts of all day breakfast and lunch options. This is a boon for people like me who like to have late breakfasts on weekends or whenever I want to (not just at 7 in the morning like the rest of the world!)

This is one of the cafes in the chain which also has Peacock & Woodstok in its fold.

Sometimes when you get tried of the same punjabi north indian food, the mind wanders towards lighter options like sandwiches, burgers or omelettes. I was pleasantly surprised to see an entire range of omelettes in the menu here, neatly arranged under Mexican & Cheese Omelettes sections. Some chef finally realized that eggs are not just a biriyani accessory!

Having decided on eggs as the main course, we ordered the Very Veggie Omelette & Mexican Vegetarian Omelette.

Very Veggie Omelette

Very Veggie Omelette

The Very Veggie Omelette arrived fluffy and stuffed with vegetables, onions & cheese. Accompaniments on the plate were tangy whipped cream (suspiciously like mayonnaise), fried tomatoes, herbed potato wedges, tomato salsa and 2 slices of toasted bread. This is a very satisfying course and believe me, with the 4 egg whites in this one, you will stay full for a long long time!

Mexican Vegetarian Omelette

Mexican Vegetarian Omelette

The Mexican Vegetarian Omelette was slightly bigger than the other one. This was a 3 egg omelette served with tortillas, peppers & tomato salsa. Also on the plate was the aforementioned cream, fried tomato & bread slices. This was a vegetarian stuffed filling as well. Quite tangy due to the salsa and herbs in it!

The service is quite efficient & prompt. Although I visit here regularly, the staff seems to be in rotation and you won’t exactly find the regular faces here. The meal costed close to 400 (Rs.) with all the taxes thrown in.

No booking required here as they have a spacious place. Just walk in and find a cozy table, just be warned that the TV is loud and blaring with 80s music videos most of the times!

My rating:
Ambience: ****
Food: ****
Service: ****
Value for money: ****


Rating Guide: ***** (Excellent) **** (Good) *** (Average) ** (Bad) * (Avoid)

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