Bistro Claytopia – Indiranagar, Bangalore

Bistro Claytopia

Bistro Claytopia

#318, 6th Main, Off 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore-560038

December 3. 2011.

Bistro Claytopia is set in a charming house just off 100 feet road in Indiranagar. It’s a place you wouldn’t find if you were driving by so keep an eye out for it 🙂 It is close to Axon specialty hospital.

The charm of this place lies in the fact that although it’s your usual restaurant, they have unusual ceramic pottery that they sell in-house. For those creative souls who like to create art, you can buy unpainted white ceramic figurines (either an animal design, pots, dish, table mats or decorative hangings), get your hands dirty with paint and personalize your own piece. The item is then glazed & handed over to you when finished (not the same day, of course). This is really a place you can hang out for hours and I love the ambiance which is warm & welcoming!

We visited this place quite late around 10:30 p.m. and it was full. Managed to get a table bang opposite the kitchen counter which was not the correct place due to the numerous orders going in and out! Otherwise this place has well placed tables which ensure you get privacy and are not facing the crowd.

Since we did not have much time as the restaurant winds down by 11:30, the menu was scanned quickly. The food is mostly the cafe kind – burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, pasta, omelets & so on. There are some who find the idea of having this stuff for dinner funny but I say food is food, doesn’t matter what it is and when it’s had!

We decided on my favorite ‘Mushroom & Cheese Omelet’ as well as ‘Grilled chicken with Pasta in Mushroom sauce’. If you want the omelet without the yolk, the cook obliges so go for it healthy people 😉

Mushroom & Cheese Omelet

Mushroom & Cheese Omelet

The ‘Mushroom & Cheese Omelet’ was smaller in size than the other times I have had it here. The basics are the same but the look and feel was screaming ‘the cook is no longer the same’. Anyways the omelet was delicious with the cheese and mushroom balanced out well. This is served with toasted bread slices. Not long ago, I remember getting garlic bread. Oh well!!!

Grilled chicken with Pasta in Mushroom sauce

Grilled chicken with Pasta in Mushroom sauce

The ‘Grilled chicken with Pasta in Mushroom sauce’ looked inviting and almost made me wish I’d ordered that! Grilled chicken pieces – succulent; Macaroni pasta – tender; Mushroom sauce – cheesy and sprinkled with herbs. Quite the dish! The amount served on the plate was significantly lesser than the first time I had it here, couple of years back! Either cost-cutting is in place or the cook is a different guy!

Overall, quite a decent experience. The service was laidback to the point of ignoring you (which suits me as I don’t need someone breathing down my neck!). The meal costed close to 300 (Rs.) with all the taxes thrown in.

No booking required here on weekends. But I would recommend going early to get a table of your choice.

My rating:
Ambience: ***
Food: ***1/2
Service: ***
Value for money: ***1/2


Rating Guide: ***** (Excellent) **** (Good) *** (Average) ** (Bad) * (Avoid)

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